Why Counselling

“Counselling is an integral component of a student’s well being.” - Ms. Varsha Jain

Ms. Jain believes that career counselling has the power to bring about a positive change in the society. Students are enabled to build their future lives with clarity and well thought out research. Students are able to build confidence with the decisions taken at the right time and at the right stage of their lives. A career counsellor gives perspective to students and their parents regarding choices on careers, courses and colleges to look forward to and this stimulates a cycle of change in the society.

A career counsellor provides an opportunity to excel in one’s life. As per Ms. Jain, “A career counsellor is free from any bias which a student or his or her parent might be under. A number of parents prefer engineering or commerce courses, when their child is more suitable for a career in design or psychology. In addition, cases of student stress is on the rise and this usually occurs from a lack of communication with parents, peers and friends. To fight this impression that certain careers are better or that certain courses only can lead to high paying jobs, is the role of a career counsellor.”

Career counselling is a lifelong process with students embarking on a long journey ahead of them. Thus, the first step is the one that needs to be taken so that they are enabled to live a life of their true calling.