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Pause for Insight is based on the principle of enabling individuals to lead a successful life. It helps in giving that much needed perspective that is required by students of today to lead a stress free life. Counselling helps students in maintaining a proper balance between internal and external conflicts.

Having counselled thousands of students in her career, Ms. Jain believes that her organization, Pause for Insight would be one of the leading career counselling organizations in the country. She believes in the power of being a catalyst and guiding young adults to a path of success by incorporating personalized communication and deriving insights from technology.

The range of services offered by Pause for Insight includes:

  • Personalized counselling sessions
  • Group counselling sessions
  • Career counselling sessions
  • Personality development workshops
  • Therapy sessions

Passion for Insight is a brainchild of Ms. Jain who believes that through career counselling, students and young adults can be effectively guided towards a better life. With persistent efforts over the years, this organization is bound to grow exponentially.


About Ms. Varsha Jain

Ms. Jain is a passionate career counsellor and psychologist who believes in guiding students at the right time and at the right stage. She has been involved with numerous projects since her internship days where she was working with a team of psychiatric doctors to understand the nitty gritty of the counselling domain. She has been a psychologist par excellence, having worked with St. Paul’s High School and The Secunderabad Public School, where she is currently working as a counsellor.

Her passion to be a catalyst for societal change can be seen from her experience as a contributor at the NGO ‘Reach Beyond’. She has also served as an active counsellor for government run schools as well as schools having children with special needs.

Armed with a Masters in Psychology, Ms. Jain aims to become one of the leading psychologists in the country who can drive social change through awareness. According to her, “Counselling is viewed with a stigma associated to it. It is equated to a mental disorder. Both these concepts are poles apart and this is the core reason why I want to drive this social change in my own community. Students are not able to reach out to career counsellors or people who are better informed because they do not want that stigma of not being able to resolve an issue on their own. Therefore, as a career counsellor, it is my imperative to guide students to explore interests and always strive for excellence on their path to success.”

Varsha Jain

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